Go From Straining > To Singing!

Here's how Hannah went from getting sore throats, to freely singing at live jam nights, in WEEKS! ...all while giving up smoking.

Hannah took my guidance in weekly sessions, and made video responses to send to me of her doing the exact exercises she should do, to get her voice back. Weeks later she was already singing effortlessly with a whole lot more energy!

Could she have done it without the Academy? Well maybe but without understanding the science of the voice, the technicalities to different types of sounds and getting her exercises tailor made for her, it would have been a whole lot harder.

You can't get this kind of progress from just watching Youtube videos!

It is always hard doing it on your own, so why not surround yourself with people who support you and will get you there faster?

In the Academy, you get to choose your own goal, and I give you a tailor made plan outlining how to get there,

But that's not all, I make sure you carry out the exercises correctly and keep going for the next 3 months.

Other courses tell you what to do but rarely do they look at what you're doing, and make adjustments. This is vital for your success.

If any of that resonates with you, and you want to learn more of the secrets that will unlock your skills to help you step into your dream singer self, then book a call below.

By the way, I know you’re busy and have other things going on! So I've built this to fit your schedule.

If you can find just 15 mins a day, 5 days a week to invest in your singing progress, then I can guarantee success.

Book a call with me to apply, I can't wait to speak to you!

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Simplify Singing

Step-by-step online course for Singers

  • Learn the Be Vocal MVR Routine

  • Learn techniques to empower your voice

  • Learn Support exercises

  • Sing louder or quieter

  • Sing higher notes without strain

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Simplify Success

Online Personal-Growth Course

  • Build Your Own Mission Statement

  • Turn Your Dream Vision into a Plan

  • Productivity for Musicians

  • Time Management for Musicians

  • Become the Artist of your Dreams

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Simplify Songwriting

Step-by-step online course for Songwriters

  • Get the Finishing Songs Roadmap!

  • Develop your Creative Identity

  • Learn Lyric Writing Skills

  • Learn Composition Skills

  • Learn Improvisation Skills

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Simplify Speech

Online Public Speaking Course

  • Learn how to introduce yourself

  • Learn how to project your voice

  • Speak with confidence

  • Overcome stage fright

  • Learn from your favourite speakers

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Be Heard!

Become an Impactful Artist

Do-It-Yourself Online Course and Masterclasses

  • With Special Guest Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Lady Nade

  • Create your Master-Plan Roadmap

  • Learn Music Branding for Artists

  • Get your Music Releasing Strategy

  • Get your Music Marketing Strategy for long term success

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Be Seen!

Become an Impactful Brand

Done-For-You Social Media Marketing for Businesses, Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

  • Get a custom-made organic social media campaign, designed for your business and run by our team so you can do what you do best.

  • Get critique on your current social media

  • Elevate brand awareness and grow your audience

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Increase sales and scale your business.

Available On Application

Not included with Be Vocal Academy Membership

What Our Singers Say:

Hear it from members of the Be Vocal Academy!


Hannah lives in the countryside with no access to vocal training. She covered the essentials in the Academy.


Iwona wanted the confidence to sing for her daughter's wedding - Something she's never tried before.


Zanae, from New Jersey was able to prepare for her new single releases - Vocally, Mission Statement and more.


Pro Jazz singing, daily, can be tiring. Becki learned game changing technique from Be Vocal.


Metal Screaming techniques can be done the right way or the wrong way. Be Vocal helped Heather get it right.


Preparing for his recording with a top producer, Jon learned how sing his sound with ease and freedom.

Kseniya & Sam

Beginners to singing, they chose to sing for their own wedding. Be Vocal got them prepared for the big day.


Independently released singer, wanted to learn how to better control her voice and expand her range.


Here's a before and after of just a handful of sessions with Be Vocal coaching with Erick.

Jade - Canada


2 weeks ago

"Went above and beyond the promised gig to give as much information possible that he felt was relevant to my issues. There were a few highlighted takeaways and all were very insightful and helpful in their own ways. Thank you!"

Vivienne - Hungary 🇭🇺


2 weeks ago

"Great critique! I gained some valuable insight into what my next steps are. Very helpful, very friendly. Thanks!"

Caleb - USA 🇺🇸


3 months ago

"BexX from Be Vocal was very professional, knowledgeable, and fast. I appreciate they understood exactly what I needed to do to improve."

Lucas - Austria 🇦🇹


3 months ago

"Great Teacher, BexX was very patient and comforting even if i don't sound as good as I'd like for now. If you are looking into vocal coaching, look no further!"

Sue - UK 🇬🇧


3 months ago

"Amazing coach. Many details and tips from the start and for free too! I can't wait to start the course! Thank you so much."

Rob - USA 🇺🇸


5 months ago

"Singing Rock, there were so many reasons I was hesitant to take “singing lessons” but #1 was because I had no idea who I even was as a singer & afraid I couldn’t get any better. The routine of exercises just made me so much more aware of what I was doing. I found myself doing things when singing that I could not do before & I had no idea I could even do. 2 months later, so far nothing but awesome!"

Deza - Swizerland 🇨🇭


8 months ago

"Sent a video to be reviewed and received constructive feedback. The seller made me realize I put too high expectations on myself and my takeaway is I need to be more prepared before doing my presentation. Definitely joining the Academy to take my singing skills to the next level. Thank you so much!"

Jordan - Hawaii 🇺🇸


1 year ago

"Catered to my individual needs. I would highly recommend this for people that want highly in depth explanations of how the voice functions and how to change it's color/tone/sound. The information is catered to the individual and no matter what program is chosen it the work feels very individualized and will help your specific needs in the way easiest for you to understand."

Rebecca - USA 🇺🇸


1 year ago

"BexX is very helpful, patient, and--of course--articulate. Highly recommend.

If you're coming at this as a complete beginner

with no sense of voice training whatsoever (I don't even really know what 'pitch' is), you'll probably need The Academy to see positive changes in your singing".

Luiz - Australia 🇦🇺


1 year ago

"BexX gave me great guidance on how to use my voice, covering some different aspects of technique and how to get more engagement. Also provided some to do tasks to improve my voice."

Julia - Philippines 🇵🇭


2 years ago

"Thank you very much, Be Vocal! Special thanks for going through my video (i realize now it might have been tedious). Need to replay your response so I can better absorb the points you raised. Super helpful. Encouraged to seriously improve."

Solomon -

New Zealand 🇳🇿


2 years ago

"Ben delivered an excellent video that included targeted analysis, an immediately helpful exercise, and specific pointers on areas for improvement. I look forward to starting with Be Vocal ASAP."

Ed - USA 🇺🇸


2 years ago

"Incredible value! Ben created a personalized video for me in which he shared unique characteristics/strengths of my speaking voice as well as potential areas of improvement. I can already notice less pain in my throat when I speak and more effortless sound production in general. I highly recommend working with Ben and look forward to connecting with him again in the future."

Pete - USA 🇺🇸


2 years ago

"A very insightful review with some great instruction on potential improvements and things to work on. I will definitely look to implement these helpful instructions".

Penny - USA 🇺🇸


2 years ago

"Very informative analysis. I had a lot of questions and points of concern that I asked. He addressed each point concisely and his level of expertise is unquestionable. (The main reason why I chose him over other teachers, as well). It's clear that it would be much better with 1 on 1 sessions, which I am looking into. A lot of the terminology is over my head, but that was why I was looking for a professional to begin with. :)"

Ieva Lakute


I've taken part in both the Academy (brilliant value for money) and the individual 1-2-1 sessions. Each time I found BexX to be very encouraging, adapting the learning style to suit my voice.

I tend to bring my own song in and we go through it together. There's a good mix of theory and practice, and at the end of the session I usually find that I can sing the most difficult parts of the song that I really struggled with before.

Last time we had a lesson I was practicing for an audition and after BexX's lesson I got the part! So it was definitely worth doing.

Quentin Burton


I was told that I couldn't sing.

I had tried vocal coaching before with limited success. Then I found Be Vocal and BexX. Their techniques, sympathetic response and seemingly endless patience found vocal talents in me that I never knew that I had.

Now the positive reviews far outweigh the odd negative feedback and I have found confidence and success in both my live and studio work that I didn't think was possible before.

I would recommend Be Vocal to anywone!

Amberley Paige


I have been attending the Academy Sessions for several months now, not only do I thoroughly enjoy it but I feel comfortable and supported there by both BexX, (the singing teacher) and the other singers in the group.

BexX is a great teacher, and a very patient one too! After only a few months I already have more confidence in myself whilst singing and feel that I've made significant progress.

What could Be Vocal do for you?

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